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Welcome to Chris Jason Entertainment
The music of Frank Sinatra has lived on for over seven decades
His music has touched the world through the emotion and lyric of the songs that he sang, and to this day, his music can still be heard everywhere and is just as vibrant, alive and swingin' as it was back in the day.
Keeping the music alive is what Chris Jason is best known for.
Chris is an internationally acclaimed Sinatra stylist and has been performing the music of Frank Sinatra for over 15 yrs. throughout the East Coast and has embraced each audience with his charm, charisma, and elegance.
Chris channels the spirit of Sinatra, his passion for the music shines with every performance and each song is sung with utter respect for the man who first brought the music to life, Francis Albert Sinatra.
This is a tribute to the man and the music of Frank Sinatra.
Chris's phrasing and his own velvet like tone has audience wowed at the uncanny likeness to that of Frank Sinatra.
This is not an impersonation of "The Chairman Of The Board"
Chris has been a professional musician for over 25yrs. and has been been singing the music of the Great American Songbook since the age of 6.
He has dedicated his life to his passion for the music of Sinatra and the big band sounds of yesteryear.
Chris has crafted his art throughout the years and has made this music come to life in his own way, his own true voice, his own personality shines through and each performance is kissed with the essence that is Frank Sinatra.
Chris takes to the stage over 200 times a year to audiences both young and old.
Chris performs with his powerhouse 8 piece band, Sinatra Live year round.
All Chris's orchestrations have been arranged to be as exact as possible to hold on to that marvelous live Sinatra sound, and the organization of musicians that make up Sinatra Live are among the best of best.
"We have a special recipe with Sinatra Live, each member is a perfect secret ingredient that make the band it's own entity"
----Chris Jason

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Internationally acclaimed Sinatra tribute Chris Jason performs the music of Frank for all testimonials, video's, audio, booking info and events.Considered t...

C H R I S ` J A S O N
*The Best Of The Best From The Best* 
*Chris Jason is available to book with Sinatra Live or solo performance for your next event*
All functions, corporate, political, conventions, full concerts, dinner shows, lounges, restaurants, casino's, cruises and more.
Solo performances are with orchestrated pre - arranged music
Sinatra Live is an 9 piece organization
Vocal, Lead Trumpet, Jazz Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Upright Bass, Guitar and Drums
Other pieces can be combined with this arrangement as well.
Sinatra Live Promo Live Mix
Chris Jason Sinatra Live
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